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Colorism/Shadeism Project

Shannon: Picking Sides

I have been through different stages in my life when it comes to how I felt about being mixed race. The earliest memory I have from school was me being introduced to the fact that I no longer was just a human being but that I had two races, two categories, that there were two types of people and apparently I had to choose one.
Colorism/Shadeism Project

Hannah: My Mixed Race Hair and Me

"You're confused. You're diluted. You're a pick'n'mix. You're a lightie. You're yellow." Well no actually. I AM MIXED RACE.
I've heard it all. You're not in touch with your black side enough... You're definitely more black than white.
Blah blah blah!
No matter what 'side I'm in touch with' I'm proud of my mixed heritage. I've got my mums nose and my dads smile. I'm a beautiful combination of a relationship people deemed at the time as unacceptable and not made to last. Well, 28 years later it's still going strong!
Colorism/Shadeism Project

Simone: You’re not Black, You’re not White, You’re Just Confused.

 Dear Classmate,
You're not Black You're not White, You're Just Confused.
You said this to me 10 years ago. I was 15 years of age, yet you made this foolish statement in front of our fellow classmates. You called out to me and said, "come over here for a minute." I walked over, without knowing you were about to humiliate me in front of everyone. I didn't realise I would soon hear their laughter as you said, "You're not black, you're not white, you're just confused."