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As some of you who follow my Instagram and Snapchat (both @theLondonCurls) may know, I broke my ankle at the end of May while running in a Tough Mudder competition. Just my luck, right? After six weeks, I finally got the cast taken off, and on Thursday 23rd July came the time for me to finally reintroduce my (extremely skinny) right leg back into the blogging world! At 8pm, I hobbled down to Junior Green Hair Salon in Knightsbridge for the Taliah Waajid Media and Blogger Mixer. Have a read of what fun me and twiggy got up to!

As soon as I entered the venue, I was greeted by a sweetheart called Lauren who directed me straight to the prosecco – my kind of girl! In the sea of fluffy fro’s, I managed to spot Jade(@theCurlyCockney) and Elouise (@CurlyEllaBella), who introduced me to her beautiful friend Charlotte (@theStylum). This turned out to be Charlotte’s first natural hair event, as well as Chloe’s (@theLazyCurls) who you may remember wrote an amazing article for my colorism project, but whom I had never had the pleasure of meeting.


Myself, Jade and Elouise

After chatting and giggling with the ladies, Lauren gathered the crowd together and gave a brief bio on Taliah. Taliah was then interviewed and shared how her love of natural hair started simply because her mother refused to allow her to get a perm/relaxer! In 1988, Taliah opened her first hair salon in Harlem, New York, and that is where she first started creating and using her chemical-free products on her clients. Almost two decades later, the Taliah Waajid range is one of the oldest and most popular natural hair care ranges on the market, and Taliah Waajid now also runs the World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show, which has over 200 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees from around the world – you go girl!

After hearing Taliah’s inspirational story, we were then shown three beautiful models, who had each had their hair styled using the Taliah Waajid hair products. Taliah showed us how she completed each of the looks, and explained what products suit each hair type.





After the models had finished showcasing their beautiful curls and kinks, myself and my fellow blogging ladies continued chit-chatting, took a few selfies (as standard) and then decided to go an get a bite to eat – goodie bags in hand of course!


Chloe, me, Charlotte and Elouise

Overall it was a really fun night – even if my ankle did swell up to double its size by the end of the evening. Blogging is pain, I guess! Taliah was really informative about her products, and though I was a little skeptical about using this range before (due to the use of silicones etc within the ingredients) I trust that a natural haired sister who has been big in the game for the past two decades knows what she is doing when it comes to making hair products! I will definitely be adding these products to my ‘to-try’ list, so watch this space for an upcoming review!

What’s in the bag?


I must say, this is one of the most generous goodie bags I have ever received! Within the bag, I was gifted:

  • Natural Rich Shine Butter
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Tangles Out Today: Leave-In Conditioner and Detangler
  • Soft and Curly Cream
  • Creamy Curly Co-Wash
  • Taliah Waajid bag


With Love from London,

Davina x


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