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Teaching in Dubai Q&A

After living in the UAE for two years, I’m ready to TRUTHFULLY answer the questions you asked me on instagram regarding what it is like to teach in Dubai! Also, make sure you check out part 1 of my Q&A where I answer your questions on living in Dubai in general.

Questions and timings:

“How did you get into teaching there?” 1:23
“Do you know of any reliable agents, especially for ESL positions?” 4:37
“A friend of mine is going out there to teach. What advice would you give her?” 4:56
“In the future, do you want to be a teach in Dubai again?” 7:48
“Was teaching stressful as it is in UK (paper work, rude behaviour from pupils)” 8:35
“If I only have a TEFL certificate what are my chances of working there?” 16:42
“When are you coming back?” 18:11

Websites to help with job applications:

Expat woman –
Taleem –
Innoventures educations –
Ministry of Education –


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