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Green Hair?!

So, Sunday was an interesting day in this curly household! My mini-me decided to take her blue fringe game up to the next level by bleaching her hair… and inevitably dyeing it green!

It all started around 10am after I awoke from my lesson-plan-induced coma from the previous evening. As I sat, peacefully eating my cereal, I was startled by the rumble of the floorboards as Mini-me descended down the stairs with a box of hair dye.



Now I’m not a professional hairdresser, but after dyeing a few of my friends’ hair I think its safe to say I’m an expert when it comes to home hair dyeing (…I’m half joking). So, even after a hard week of teaching in school (yes it was a 4 day week, and NO I don’t feel like the two week Easter Holiday was enough!) I decided that rather than watching Mini-me struggle by herself, I would help (aka take over everything) like the loving, curly sister I am.

I started by reading the instructions like everybody should when using new products or handling chemicals. I then put on my gloves and began mixing the ingredients of the dye as directed in the instructions. IMG_0384I may not be a science teacher, and I’m certainly no Picasso, but I was pretty sure that the mixture of faded Crazy Colour blue hair dye mixed with Dark and Lovely honey blonde bleach was sure to create more of a Kermit shade than I personally would desire. However, Mini-me insisted we dyed her fringe with the hope that it would lighten her hair enough for the next layer of Crazy Colour to really ‘pop’. So, with the knowledge that I was inevitably going to be able to scream ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ I smiled and nodded, and continued with the dyeing process.


We sectioned off the hair, and Mini-me tied her trusty bandana around her head to ensure that none of the bleach touched her skin. I applied the bleach to the ends of her hair, and then rubbed it in. we then covered the hair with a plastic bag, and let the dye do its work for the next 30 minutes.


Fast forward half an hour, and we took the bag off to discover… seaweed. Yes, we weren’t very impressed either. But never one to be beaten, I whisked Mini-me upstairs to wash the last of the bleach out.


Now, you’d think that the bleach would be enough trauma for her hair to handle in one day. However, Mini-me had other ideas. She quickly reached for her Crazy Colour hair dye in ‘Peacock Blue’ and shoved it into my hands. Reluctantly, I rubbed the dye through her fringe with my gloves.

Disclaimer: I do not advice you bleach and colour your hair in the same day as it is too much manipulation for the hair to handle.


After 20 minutes, and a lot of nervous pacing on my part, I took Mini-me back into the shower and washed the dye out of her hair.

IMG_0494FINALLY I was given the OK to slather conditioner all over her stressed tresses. Surprisingly, the hair didn’t fall out in clumps like I had envisioned, and it didn’t feel like straw! Dreams really do come true.




After gently distributing the conditioner through her hair, I twisted it up so that it was out of the way. Having left the conditioner on to do its work for a few minutes, we washed the conditioner out and I left Mini-me to style her hair.

‘THE END RESULT!?’ I hear you cry. Well…

IMG_0532IMG_0602Definitely not the Peacock Blue we were expecting, but actually pretty cute! Mini-me insisted that she would be re-dyeing her hair with a darker shade of blue that evening, but thats when I stood up for the curls in my care and shouted ‘NO’ loudly and clearly in her face. The things we do for love.

With love from London,





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