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Yes, I’ve gone and done it again… I’ve casually become a stranger to my own blog. I do apologise… there has been A LOT going on, and some life changing decisions that have been made (all will be revealed soon, so watch this space…) but I am back with a long anticipated review! Read on to find out my true thoughts on the range that has the natural blogging world going crazy, and watch my technique of how to use Frizz Free Curls‘ wonder products to get the perfect 5 minute wash and go!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner and Curl Control Jelly. Now although I have changed my hair colour constantly over the past 4 months, I have been pretty consistent with my styling products (read my current product list here) so trying something new was a welcome change up for my routine.

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First impressions

As with all Curls products, the range promises to contain ‘no sulfates, silicones, parabens’ as well as no ‘artificial oils (including mineral oil), colours or fragrances’ – basically making it a curly girl’s best friend! As soon as I opened each of the bottles and took a whiff I had to double check the packaging. For a product that contains no artificial fragrances, this stuff smells AMAZING. I’m talking an intensely sweet blueberry scent that smelt temptingly edible… don’t worry; I refrained from giving it a taste.

Other than the all natural ingredients, what really struck me about the packaging was the promise that the reparative leave in would ‘repair damaged hair, encourage hair growth and prevent breakage.’ Even after colouring my hair more times than I can count since my big chop on New Years Eve, I have yet to experience damage or breakage, however I am always extra careful not to push my luck with my hair. Therefore, anything that promises to maintain the health of my hair while keeping it moisturised and looking fresh gets a thumbs up from me.

My Wash and Go Experience

As you can see from the video above, not only did the products smell great and promise to maintain the health of my hair, but it also defined my curls as well. The products gave me both the moisture my hair craved as well as light weight definition without any crunch whatsoever. In my 5 minute wash and go video I showed how I styled my hair, but to see how it looked when dry, check out my vlog below, as each look was also styled using these products.

Final Thoughts

Prior to cutting my hair, I loathed the idea of having to re-wet and restyle my hair on a regular basis, so heavy products with a strong hold were my go to to ensure my hair would remain defined throughout the week. Now I have a TWA, I’m much more open to trying new things and I’m SO glad I did, as the combination of the leave in and jelly gives me the definition I crave without the added weight I was once accustomed to. What I also like is the products are really versatile; as well as the typical wash and go, the products also hold up when styled into waves and a fluffy fro. Finally, the smell didn’t just remain in the bottle, as everyone I saw while using these products commented on the amazing smell coming from my hair. Therefore these products will definitely become a staple of mine, and I look forward to seeing how they work with my ever growing fro!

If you are a UK follower, you can get your hands on the products at or

And to my lucky American followers, you can buy the whole line from selected Target stores! Find out which Target store near you stocks the range here . Alternatively, you can buy the whole range from

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Have you tried the Blueberry Curls Collection? If so, what do you think? Leave your thoughts below!

With Love From London,

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