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The Lush #NaturalHair Event

On Tuesday 1st September, I was invited down to Oxford street for my second Lush* #NaturalHair Event. Since the event I attended last year, Lush has created even more amazing natural hair care goodies, so I was eager to see what products are now available, as well as have a much needed night out after my first day back at school! Have a look at all of the fun we got up to as well as all of the natural beauty at this unique event!


At around 6.30 I met the beautiful Jade (@theCurlyCockney) in Piccadilly and headed for a quick bite to eat in WholeFoods before walking down to the venue. We soon realised that the food stop was unneeded, as not only were our eyes hit with an array of beautiful colours when walking up the stairs, but our nostrils were also met by the smell of fresh fruit, vegan patties and veggie kebab sticks!
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After eating yet more food (purely out of politeness, of course) and having said our hellos, we sat down with my sister Simone (@HairIsSimba) ready for the first talk on the new products available.


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Each of the new products, including Queen Bee, Kinky hot oil treatment and the extremely exciting Avocado Co-wash, was explained to us in great detail by one of the creators.


We then had a chance to smell the products ourselves!



While each of the products were explained and politely sniffed, volunteers from the audience went up to try out each of the products.


Check out the beautiful moisture and definition Neela (@FoxyNeela) achieved using Queen Bee as a styling product!

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After watching the demonstrations, we were split into two groups and taken for a tour of the shop downstairs. As you can see, we were ceremoniously played out by steel drums!

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Downstairs, Sylvia explained each of the products that she felt worked particularly well with her natural hair, before explaining how we could use it in our own. Very imformative!


On arriving back upstairs, I was drawn to the make up table. I had noticed the various beauties walking around with the African tribal dots that have been all over Instagram, so I of course had to follow suit!

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These two lovely ladies gave me the silver dots I had been hoping for, and even applied a silvery-purple lipstick/eyeshadow combination to finish off the Cyber/African makeover (COPYRIGHTED). See the photos right at the end for the finished look.

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After being pampered at the make up counter, I of course got drawn over to the colours and prints at the headwrap table…

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Chloe (@thelazycurls) looked particularly cute with her updo!


After patiently waiting, I also got my hair wrapped by a lovely lady from Kiyana wraps * – the company that provided the beautiful fabric. Thank you!



The final touch was to also get a complimentary fresh flower fascinator – I do nothing by halves as you can tell!

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This beautiful emerald queen kindly put together a colourful fascinator that complimented my new headwrap/make up!



All in all, the event was absolutely amazing, and exactly the pick me up I needed. Thank you so much to the lovely ladies from Lush who invited me along (see below). I can’t wait to try my samples of Queen Bee, Avocado Co-Wash and Hair Custard!

web-size (45 of 45)With Love from London,

Davina x


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