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The Lush #NaturalHair event

On Thursday 21st August, I headed into the West End of London for Lush’s Carnival themed #NaturalHair event in Regent Street. It was another fantastic opportunity to meet up with my fellow natural hair bloggers, while getting the chance to try out new Lush products and tuck into delicious Caribbean treats. Have a read and a look at what we got up to! 

IMG_2537I met up with Ginny and Jade (@FroGirlGinny and @TheCurlyCockney) at 5pm for a cheeky spot of Nandos, before meeting with Simone and Shannon (@Simbafarian and @UKCurlyGirl) and heading over to Lush, Regent Street for the 7pm opening time. Of course, we left a few minutes to spare to get a few selfies and group photos taken before going inside! I wore my new Chi22London ice necklace – this is very quickly becoming my favourite piece of statement jewellery.

IMG_2502 IMG_2504IMG_2503

Soon after arriving, Nia (@NiaKnowsHair) popped up, looking flawless as always even though she had come fresh from work.

Shannon, Ginny, Nia, Jade and Simone


Shannon, myself, Nia, Jade and Simone


Mid-snapping, the Lush doors opened, and we were hit by the hypnotising scents of all the aromatic Lush products. We were lead in by the lovely Lush staff…

…who guided us down the stairs to the basement. Within seconds of arriving I spotted Kilolo, the lovely lady that convinced me to bleach over my henna’ed hair when I first met her at the Curlvolution event. As you can see from the pic below, she was very happy when she first caught sight of my freshly ombred hair!

Having said a few hellos and given a LOT of hugs, Nia, Jade and I caught sight of the punch Lush had laid out for us, so politely drank one (of many).IMG_2545 Simone and I then tucked into some slices of watermelon – someone must have given them the heads up to the ticket to my heart… free food and drink in abundance!IMG_2546 After wiping off our sticky fingers, we all walked over to the enticing sight of bright African prints. @AkhuDesigns gave us each tutorials on how to get the perfect head wrap, and even allowed us to take our new wrapping material home! This was the first of many amazing freebies we were given on the day!

Below is Ginny getting schooled on head wrapping ahead of her Miss Zimbabwe pageant. Good luck, sis!


Elle from @NaturalHairDaily getting her wrap on!

IMG_2583 Nia looking flawless with her wrap.IMG_2561 Shannon and NiaIMG_2564…I had to jump inIMG_2568

At the event, we met the lovely Lloyd, whose luscious long locs caught everyone’s attention (some more than others…). Simone insisted on getting a photo – or should I say 10!
IMG_2574 IMG_2576 IMG_2577Lloyd then went on to perform the drums as another lady from the Lush team serenaded us bloggers! Now thats what I call customer service!
IMG_2595 I think its safe to say we all fell in love that night!IMG_2596 After the singing, Ginny, Shannon and I walked around, taking turns having photos taken with the various natural haired beauties in the room.

Myself and @AfricanRemy IMG_2602Me and Kilolo
IMG_2604 Elle from @NaturalHairDaily and Simone (TWINS!)IMG_2609 Me, Simone and ElleIMG_2611Simone, myself and the woman with the most beautiful updo I’ve ever seen…
IMG_2615…and a back view of that hairstyle!IMG_2620 Sandra and I before getting a Lush makeover…


…and after! Not only did the Lush staff match a lipstick colour with our outfits, but we also got to take the colour home for free! Below, I am wearing ‘Decisive’ and Sandra is wearing ‘Strong’. Duck pouts came as standard!

As the night drew to a close, we all took a massive group photo together, and also showed our support to our American brothers and sisters, protesting against the Mike Brown travesty in Ferguson. IMG_2642 Before leaving we got our last few photos in. Below is Ginny and Ketishia (@SugarKinesis)IMG_2643Before GInny and I got a load of photos together. This girl is so inspiring, and I genuinely see her as a little sister. Love you girl!

IMG_2646 IMG_2650IMG_2649All in all, the Lush event was a massive success and I had lots of fun. I cannot wait to try out the natural hair products that I was given on the day and show you my results.

With love from London,

Davina x


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