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The MixxxedChicks and HappyFroDay meet

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t think of a better way to kick start the new year than to meet up with old friends, make new ones and discuss everything from hair, mixed race society and future projects over chicken and ice cream! Well that’s exactly what I did on the 2nd January 2015, when I met with a lovely group of women for a lunch organised by my sister Ginny (@FroGirlGinny) and the creator of @MixxxedChicks, Carol Savannah. Have a read to find out what we got up to!

Having taken a day to fully recover from my New Year celebrations, I was feeling fresh-faced and in the need of some chicken and conversation! We all met in the Covent Garden Nando’s (my fave) and began by introducing ourselves and what we each do to each other. I have obviously met with Ginny multiple times, but I was so excited to not only meet and speak with Carol, who had travelled to the UK from Belgium a few days before, but also to finally meet with Farida aka @CurlyProverbs, a fellow teacher and Youtube Blogger I follow! After ordering our food, Farida and I chatted about the the difficulties of balancing Youtube with school and the various struggles that we faced along the way. Speaking to someone else that has shared such similar experiences to myself was both refreshing and comforting, while also distracting me from my rumbling belly as I waited for my food to arrive!

As always, Nando’s chicken didn’t disappoint, and conversation ground to a halt while we all devoured the delicious chicken placed in front of us. Finally, after the last scrap was gone, we all began conversing again and shared our experiences of what it was like growing up as mixed race/ black children. The various perspectives shared were extremely enlightening, especially as as a group, we shared experiences from Belgium (Carol), Sierra Leone (Farida), Holland (Chanequa), Florida (Shanice) as well as London, of course. What was interesting is that there was a common thread that seemed to appear in each of the places we grew up; a need to fit in and a sense of racism or rejection from both black and white people. Dessy (who grew up in Sheffield) shared a slightly different experience, of growing up in a place that was divided more by class than by race, however that still begs the question: why should we be divided at all? Isn’t it a poor reflection on our society that from a young age, people can sense that they are somehow being excluded due to the skin and economic situation they were born into? Food for thought…

After sparking such a deep conversation, it was clear chatting over lunch wasn’t enough, so we decided to walk from Nandos to Haagen Dazs in Leicester Square to continue our chat over ice cream. Unfortunately, we said goodbye to the lovely Farida along the way, who headed home to be with her beautiful baby girl. Big hugs were shared, and I’m sure another meeting between us will occur in the future – watch this space!


Shanice, Chanequa, Gina and Corrinne

Of course we took the change of scenery in Haagen Dazs as an excuse to take more pictures before eating a second hearty meal! My gut has been pushed to its limits over the Christmas holidays, so I definitely know that getting back into the gym routine is a must for January!

After finishing our meal, we discussed various ways that we could support each other’s blogs and business ideas. Fiona is an aspiring Youtube blogger, so I gave her a few tips of the trade, and we all followed each other on Instagram so that we could follow each other’s journeys and progress. I’m excited to also let you know that Ginny and I discussed some exciting projects for 2015 and Carol is also going to help to promote my blog, so 2015 is already set to be a big year!


myself, Carol and Ginny

I had an amazing, empowering day with a group of incredibly inspiring women and I look forward to meeting more of you in the future. As always it was a pleasure to spend the day with my baby sister Ginny, who has had the most exceptional year in 2014. Long may it continue!


Please follow each of these fabulous women on instagram:

Ginny – @FroGirlGinny

Carol – @CarolSavannah and @MixxxedChicks

– @CurlyProverbz

Chanequa – @Chanequa

Fiona – @capturedstyle_

Corinne – @miss_jones00

Shanice – @ShaniceAlexia

Dessy – @dessi_des

Gina – @ginam87

With love from London, Davina x


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  1. farida

    Love this!! Great job 🙂

  2. Dorothy

    Wow, I am so glad to have come across the information that has lead me to this community. Each of you are such an inspiration, thank you.
    I look forward to getting beyond the starting point of my journey back to healthy natural hair.
    Thank you again for finding the time to share your journey’s



  3. Taylor pichelman

    I am so glad to have found this. Growing up my dad left and I really looked biracial, my brother was always darker , my dad was lighter, even at a young age I saw my some of my dad’s family and needless to say none were that admirable. My dad was into drugs and never stayed longer than a few days and would pop up every 5 years. My hate towards had me denying my ethnicity. I stayed out of the sun and would even lie and tell people I was white, that my mom was German and that’s why I was “yellow undertoned”. I strayed as far away from my roots as I possibly could. People probably knew I was lying now as a 20 year old woman, I know that it was never about my father it was a stereotype held above me even as a child that being African American was bad. I was going to see end up someone baby momma at 16 and not ammount to anything. I was ashamed of my hair and nose lol now I OWN MY FEATURES, I MAY EXTREMELY LIGHT BUT BLACKBERRY RUNS IN MY BLOOD AND I OWN IT ALL!! I OWN BOTH SIDES OF ANCESTORS, THOSE WHO MAY HAVE BEEN SLAVES , THOSE WHO MAY HAVE OWNED THEM. I AM BIRACIAL and I love myself and my hair who us to me another person since it tends to have a mind of its own lol! I live who I am and you guys have stood out there and hopefully all little girls , like I was, just plain confused will shine instead hiding! Thank you. God bless you all!!

    • londoncurls

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad that you have been touched by the experiences shared on the blog! Continue being proud of who you are and where you come from, and never let anyone with ignorant views get to you. God bless you too!

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