Vincent: What do I think about natural hair?

In all honesty, I think natural hair is the best. Now, I’m not too knowledgeable on the different hair types; afro, straight, flat, puffy/volume or whatever the names are, but for whatever hair type you have, your hair in it’s ‘natural’ form is what I’d prefer (not to forget this is my opinion on it).


Now without going too far off track, I think natural hair is best for three reasons.

• It’s ‘natural’
• The texture of the hair
• The look of the hair

Now to go into detail to hopefully make it a lot more understandable from my point of view…

It’s natural

Natural hair is great for the fact that, it’s natural. Rather than hair that’s constantly tampered with; dying, curling and whatever other manner of things girls do to it. Those styles render the hair dead, dry, brittle, splits ends, smelling funny and so forth.

I guess because it’s me, I prefer natural things, so to know someone has natural hair; I guess that’s a thumbs up for me. It’s the same as “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – linking that to natural hair, ‘When someone’s hair is natural it’s just simple and sophisticated.’

The texture

Not much to say on the texture of the hair other than natural hair feels a lot better than hair “that’s constantly tampered with” because it will leave the hair feeling “dead, dry, brittle, splits ends”.

Some may argue that not all natural hair feels great and that people do things to their hair to make it feel nice even though it’s natural. Well, as long as you’re simply washing your hair (which you need to obviously do), then it’s all natural to me.

The look

As a guy I can’t tell (obviously) as well as females do when someone has nice hair, but for what I’ve seen in my life time I can pretty much spot when someone’s hair looks nice, clean and nicely kept.

To me it’s like shoes; you may have on a great outfit but if the shoes aren’t that nice then the whole outfit just gets thrown off. Same as with the hair; you can be real pretty in the face but if your hair is just all over the place then it’s just not that appealing.

Referring back to “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” that can be applied to hair as well, sometimes simplicity is the best even with natural hair, because even with natural hair, you can still go over board with it as in the way one may style it.

Over all, just keep it simple

Natural hair is best because of its simplistic and ‘natural’ characteristics ☺



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