Colorism/Shadeism Project

Yasmin: Refusing To Play The ‘Light Skin’ Role

I am an 18 year old young woman of Anglo-Indian and Jamaican heritage living in the UK.  Growing up I’ve lived in  predominantly British Asian and white communities, and I attend a church mainly frequented by British Asian Christians. As a result I tend to reflect my upbringing and surroundings in terms of perception, culture etc.

Because of this, I have been exposed to stereotypical presumptions based on my “Anglo-Phillic” or “white emulating” behaviour and fair skin/ curly hair. Furthermore, I have been ostracised and persecuted for simple behaviour – to the point of acts of physical aggression, as well as my hair being purposely burnt and damaged – by some people who identify as being black, or those who are in sympathy with such members of society.

image3Also, I feel under threat because of my attraction to males of Caucasian or Asian decent due to the stereotype of mixed race women desiring a black male partner. This has exposed itself to be a problem when talking to potential romantic partners, as the darker skinned males present take offence, of which they make no hesitation to make me promptly aware of – through frowning, hostility and sexually threatening behaviour. This behaviour has even manifested within my academic career, with professionals in my place of education acting harshly towards be having become aware of me admiring or talking to non-black males.

I hope this information regarding my experience of colorism has benefited your project. even though I do not identify as a light skinned black person, some people presume I do which is why they might be more vocal about prejudices.
God bless, and good luck with your project!




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